Percentage of Chart Which Resembles Ms. Pac-Man

I couldn't resist.

In the innocent era of 8-bit arcades, you made characters female by adding a cute little pixelated red bow. Just like in Ms. Sawhorse Detective.

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Maybe it’s just the color choices (probably the black background resembling space), but your image looks like a space helmet (female of course). :smiley:

“For example, this light grey area could represent hangout time. Whereas this dark grey area could represent just kicking it.”

PC is so awesome.

Cute! But shouldn’t it be the yellow AND the red areas that resemble Ms. Pac-Man?

That’s sooo funny, I love it. It’s a nice follow up to the original one:

Just noticed that you linked to the original already… doh!

I once ate a pie like that:

Reminds me of:

Thanks for a chuckle.

shudnt ms. pacman be called pacwoman…:slight_smile:

Did you guys steal this from us???

We posted this like years ago.