Reinventing the Clipboard

Will check this out, FYI a couple of engines on VirusTotal have identified the setup file on the website as suspicious?

I doubt it’s anything, but still!

I think the clipboard is simply not good enough in its current state. MS have clearly identified this by creating the Office Clipboard. Why the hell didn’t they design it to plug into the OS as an update?! It works fine! (obviously remapping the shortcut keys).

I prefer the clipboard to hold one thing. That’s the whole point of the clipboard!

OK, I’ve just installed to give it a shot and I like the implementation, it’s clever and kind of solving remembering stuff problem + very good visual indicator.

The multi-clipboard that comes with Office is one of the things that I turn off, I find it amazingly annoying that something that should be invisible and “Just work” suddenly starts clogging up my screen space and using memory keeping things I no longer want …?

I suspect this is another one of those Marmite thing that either you hate and don’t understand the point of, or love and don’t know how you did without it …?

The multiple-clipboard feature was already there in MS Office since Office 97. I think what MS need to do is to provide such feature in OS level.

Maybe it’s just me but Clipx doesn’t seem to actually capture any copies. I highlight something in firefox, hit ctrl-c, then ctrl-shift-v and nothing. I wouldn’t think it would be so hard.

I think that Copy and Paste’s presence in the Top 5 List is actually BECAUSE OF the single-item clipboard. I think, in short, that the single-item clipboard is a feature and not a bug.

Software is too fucking complicated. Features that make us think, that burden our minds, that demand our participation: they have a cost, and a cost that is widely unrecognized and underappreciated. Paste does not suffer from this problem. When I Paste, what gets Pasted? Why, whatever I just Copied, of course. I Copied it so that I could Paste it. Now. I didn’t Copy it so that later on, if it so happened that I wanted to, I could select it from a list of other things I thought I might someday want to Paste, to Paste. I’m not gathering things speculatively; I’m Copying THIS, from HERE to THERE. That’s a very simple concept and it allows for a very simple interface, and simple interfaces don’t scare away users and, if they’re interfaces to useful features, they get used.

Has anyone tried these clipboard history programs with Keepass Password Safe? They look useful but I fear they’ll conflict with its useful option to automatically clear the clipboard after the first paste of the password.

I wonder how clipboard monitors work in general when programs put “application rendered” data on the clipboard. That’s usually done when generating the data would use a lot of time and/or memory and when pasting the data within the same application can take a shortcut to avoid converting the data into a more generic format and back again. Presumably the clipboard history programs trigger instant rendering of any such data put on the clipboard (else they can’t store it it for later reuse), which could be bad. Then again computers are pretty fast and full of memory these days, so maybe that mechanism is an anachronism. (I imagine it’s still useful for massive image copy pastes within graphics packages, though.)

The Nokia S60 v3 Symbian phones do copy-paste, too.

I knew a guy once who (in 1988) printed 3 Excel spreadsheet fragments, used scissors to cut and then tape them to 1 sheet of paper. While doing this the phrase “cut and paste” popped into his mind, and he felt a bit embarrassed.

True story, and no, it’s not about me.

The clipboard behaviour in Microsoft Word is unbelievably frustrating. Little boxes popping up all over the place asking if I want to choose one of the many things I’ve copied. NO. I want to paste the last thing I copied and don’t want to be annoyed with a dialog.

I like the idea of clipx, a similar function to utilise a multi-clipboard. As for default, I want it to do exactly what it’s done since I’ve been using a computer.

Maybe I’ve been brainwashed, but it’s what I’m used to and I don’t want it changed. Although upgraded functioins with different key bindings sounds mighty useful.

Dude! Your definition of “major operating systems” could use some tuning. If you mean WINDOWS, just go ahead and write that. Please.

Leo Davidson wrote:

I wonder how clipboard monitors work in general when programs
put “application rendered” data on the clipboard.

What? I’ve never seen a program that fiddles with the clipboard. That coullll.l.lo - sorry, got some COOKIE CRUMBS stuck in my keyboard - could be catastrophic. Imagine if you’re executing a copy/paste loop in a terminal window, and ApplicationX suddenly (if only for a moment) changes the clipboard contents.

I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re talking about (or out of) something else.

+1 to Carl Manaster - bang on.

And… as if we don’t have enough complicated problems - to Carl’s 2nd paragraph, first line - Hallelujah man!

Yep! Been saying the same thing for years. Before XP I was using this little thing called ClipAid but it got quirky after XP came out so I stopped. I’ll give ClipX a try though - seems great.

Remember when windows FINALLY started showing thumbnails of stuff? Took years. I was using ThumbsPlus forever before that. Similar situation.


Jeff Atwood wrote:

The clipboard is so important that Walter Mossberg specifically
mentioned it as a negative in his iPhone review:

Not to belittle Walter Mossberg, whoever he is, assuming he in fact exists, but certainly there are stronger attributions to the importance of the clipboard than an iPhone review?

I used to use ArsClip before I moved to Linux (Jorge beat to it). Besides saving permanent items, ArsClip doesn’t need to be setup, so you don’t have to run through the whole “Next, Next, Next, Finish” process, just drop the an exe with an ini file in %windir% or somewhere in your path and you’re all set.

My history context menu was bound to (Win+`), which is as accessible, and as uncommon, as Alt+Esc.

IIRC Windows 95 had an optional accessory on the install disc called the ‘Clipbook viewer’ which added multiple copy/paste selections to that system.

I seem to recall it being somewhat of a pain to use, but I am quite certain it was there.

Of course, X11 has had two clipboard buffers since the beginning (and IMO the X11 selection and middle click to paste is the single most useful thing about that system), and xclipboard is a rather old utility that adds multiple level cut and paste capability. I don’t know how old it is though.

It’s not true that smartphones don’t have clipboards. I’m actually typing this on a Nokia E90, which allows me to copy/paste just fine. which allows me to copy/paste just fine. See?
Too bad there doens’t seem to be a way to copy stuff off a web page.

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