Revenge of Codename: Snowball

What would the world be like if Windows 95 and Windows NT has been cancelled? You'd be surfing the web right now in Windows for Workgroups 3.11:

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I’m surprised it renders Google that well.

Ha-ha. What’s with all this nostalgia? I just went thru this. Here’s some more screen shots:

Maybe, just maybe, we would be using something that wasn’t produced in Redmond. I think even the most diehard Windows fanatic would prefer a recent (from the last 5 years or so) version of Linux over WFW.

With Windows 3.11, not just would you have the Javascript bug in Internet Exploder, you will be able to experience Windows File Mangler, must be the world most used program with a Y2K bug.

In File manager if you have a file made in eg. 2005, the file date will show as 19:5. It must be that 19 was hardcoded and ‘:’ is the ASCII char after 9, sort of the digit for ‘10’.

Back in 1989 or 1990, while working for a small engineering company I remember that we made sure that we made sure the library functions for textual date representation would be correct also for dates after 2000. I find it lacking that a company the size of Microsoft did not manage to do the same several years later.

Tut tut, Jeff, it’s “teh intarweb”. Never “the”.

So, what were those JavaScript bugs?

“There’s a huge collection of old 16-bit Windows software on the 10 year anniversary of Windows 3.1 page. It’s a sketchy looking website, but if you follow the yahoo briefcase download instructions closely, the software is all still present and downloadable.”

No, there isn’t. I opened the page and looked, and couldn’t see a briefcase, so I did a text search on the page and it wasn’t there.

Sorry, Mark, looks like that’s a dead link now…

Windows 3.11 for life!

Holy crap that brings back some memories. I designed my first web page in Windows 3.11. It was my first windows box, and only the second computer my family had ever owned.

I remember IE for 3.11, but I much preferred netscape back then.