Rube Goldberg Software Devices

Rube Goldberg software design is the meme of the month, after being parodied by Rory Blyth and Scott Hanselman in this brilliant short video, and oddly enough, also currently appearing in Microsoft advertisements:

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If you want to get your TIM and TIM2 on, they can be downloaded from here:

Runs great under DosBox…

…just be sure to set the CPU cycles to something like 10,000 from the ultra-low default of 3,000.

Perhaps sadly, Rube Goldberg means nothing to me. The artist best known in the UK for such crazy contraptions was Heath Robinson.

Reminds me of DTS packages in SQL server: Set it up, click the button, pray :slight_smile:

How to turn on a flashlight the hard way…speaking of Rube Goldberg devices…–the+hard+way/2009-1041_3-5666394.html?part=rsstag=5666394subj=news

Some amusing macros that are Rube Goldberg-esque. Eg, using Microsoft Word automation to determine the state of Scroll Lock. Funny stuff:

Here’s a great desktop set of toys with 2D physics, almost exactly like “The Incredible Machine” – but purely as a sandbox:

Even more Rube Goldberg madness of various types

OMG I lIke This GAME!!! DAMMIT so HARD To FIND, and honestly i dun even know the name of this game… i played like 13 years ago… OMG Thank yo for this INFO!!!

Anyone remember the board game Mousetrap? I never learned how to play the game…just always had fun setting it up and watching it execute.

Is it just me, or did those wheels accelerate right before they hit each other when going up the ramp? CGI magic?

People do Rube Golderberg devices in Gary’s Mod for Half Life 2.