See You At MIX07

I'm heading off to MIX07 today.

MIX is by far my favorite Microsoft conference, because it "mixes" in a liberal dose of traditionally non-Microsoft folks for a broader range of perspectives. It's probably the only Microsoft conference I'll be attending this year.

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I watched that Family.Show video, man you have a nice office building!

How much did North Face pay him to wear that trekkie-like vest?

that is pretty sweet looking (Family.Show). And as other Jeff said, you DO have a nice office building. I wish mind was half that bad-ass looking.

I’ve heard of MIX before, very cool stuff. Just wish I had the time to attend. :slight_smile:

Man, I wish I could be at Mix. No cons at all for me this year. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

wow, great looking app.

I tried to import a GEDCOM file from geni ( and got an error message.

Was I the only one wondering why the line comming from Arnold Swarchenegger ends as a star?

will be available crossplatform?
ahh sorry, the beat me to it,
Very nice app office,
Im jaloux now, I always end up in the basement :slight_smile:

Omar, are you here?
Atwood is hopped up on Twittercrack.

Omar - we definitely tested GEDCOM files exported from but it sounds like you found a problem. If you don’t mind (if you don’t have anything personal), can you please send a note and the .ged file to Thanks.

Family.Show is very nice looking, and that was running almost right in front of my old cube!