Stack Overflow: None of Us is as Dumb as All of Us

I'm in no way trying to conflate this with the meaning of my last blog post, but after a six month gestation, we just gave birth to a public website.

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I must say that I hate openid, their login and register method are pretty annoying. I guess I will change my mind once I start frequenting other website besides stackoverflow that uses openid.

When neither my yahoo or flickr ids worked, I got a claimId. It didn’t work either.

All three of these id’s take me to the kitten fixing a tv page.

It’s a great site, I’ll be happy when I can log in.

I’ve been addicted to (stack|crack) overflow for 45 day, and lovin’ each one or them.

Nice way to exclude 99.8% of web users with this cumbersome and useless OpenID huh!

My openID isn’t working. Lame.

Nice going! I think a blog post of what is behind the site and what it took to create would be a good read :slight_smile:

See, there’s a problem with Podcast responses.

That problem is that nobody fucking listens to Podcasts.

To use OpenID with yahoo just put in the OpenID box, log into Yahoo, and then it’s done.

Then just edit your profile on Stack Overflow to put a name in instead of the ugly URL and Bob’s your uncle.

I can imagine preferring something else to OpenID but actually ‘hating’ it is a bit desperate.

I could give almost no information on the question and still got it answered correctly. It took me almost no time too. I think that this is going to turn out pretty well.

Adding to the chorus: I hate OpenID. I like the idea of SSO. I think OpenID is a horrible attempt, has been since the beginning and has shown no signs of getting better. I actually think that using OpenID hurts the SSO cause, because it will taint peoples’ impressions of other solutions. Believe it or not, I actually do think that having different credentials for each of thousands of sites is better than OpenID. Please, please, please drop the requirement of using OpenID. Leave it as an option if you must, though I’d personally prefer to never have to see that icon on my screen…

If you’re really desperate to get a solution off of Experts Exchange, simply open the site and open up the view source page in whatever browser you are using. Search down until you hit the responses. They’re actually embedded in the website itself. If someone were ambitious enough, they could actually write a script to grab that information (it’s not stealing, it’s being served up to your computer legitimately).

However, it is tedious looking through all those html tags.

Well, it is somewhat disappointing that I have to seemingly signup for another site ( if I want to point out that the signup form is broken (especially after I see a number of other people posting about this, and being declined) …

Otherwise, you’re missing a key word in your post: unique.

Forget about everything else you said, if nothing else, it’s a unique way to get an answer, and I think it’ll work.

(Joel’s post - - should probably be required reading …)

Good job Jeff, I look forward to playing with it.


If only we can devote 30 mins a week for contibuting, think of it as fraction of the time you devote to write a blog post.

congrats to us

Congratulations, Jeff!

Just with a 5 minute glance, I see tons of interesting questions on the site. I love it. Here’s hoping that your site buries Experts Exchange in the search engines, and pops up some useful information when Googling for answers. Time will tell on that – IMO you’re really going to want to get a metric of how well your site’s answers perform in Google against those crappy newsgroup aggregation sites.

Love it!

I’ve been a user for all of a few hours now, but it’s strangely addicitve refreshing the question list and seeing if I can answer any of them. Usually by the time I pick one, google around a bit then come back, it’s been answered 897 times over with answers much better than mine :slight_smile:

Good job guys!

Hey Now Jeff,

Wow Great post!

Coding Horror Fan,

Congratulations :slight_smile: It’s really active, just as Dan said above, by the time I want to answer something, I already see loads of good replies :slight_smile:

Jeff, I just tried Stack Overflow and already I’m hooked!

Great layout and intuitive functionality: more power to you!

I’m in the same boat as James. My Yahoo OpenID doesn’t work (and yes, I’m using the form your menu suggests instead of which I use everywhere else).