Steve Ballmer: Sweatiest Billionaire Ever

Steve Ballmer has four words for you: I. LOVE. THIS. COMPANY. A colleague recently pointed me to a Steve Ballmer video I hadn't seen before; the one where he pitches Windows 1.0. All three of the Ballmer videos are essential viewing for any Windows developer:

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There is also a remix of these Dance monkeyboy and Developers, Developers, Developers at It actually makes a really good song.

Well said. Steve Balmer has achieved incredible wealth, yet he still clearly cares passionately about Microsoft and its success. That’s part of the reason I created my own “developers developers developers” t-shirt a href=""

That shirt is awesome!

Another funny Ballmer video:

The part I’m thinking of is when he talks about blogging and he says “I don’t think it would have made a difference…” and then screams “WHETHER I WANTED TO OR NOT…” in his squeaky voice… Funny stuff.

I definitely like his enthusiasm and his good humor. Looks like a strong leader to me. Funny guy.

dear god, what a freak.

Yeah, I personally think that he’s a fruitcake also.

Fellow will die of cardiac arrest some day.

Enthusiasm yeah, but he has absolutely no class or style. I’d feel embarrassed to work for somebody that flaunts himself in such a shameless way.

The reason that someone like Michael Dell wouldn’t do it is because he has common sense and some dignity. Hell, he is probably emotionally stable to boot.

A famous quote comes to mind as being somewhat appropriate:

Incompetence: “When You Earnestly Believe You Can Compensate For A Lack Of Skill By Doubling Your Efforts, There’s No End To What You Can’t Do.”

Jaxx, what a joy it must be to wake up every morning with that attitude.


I might go on a limb here and say that i think he might be doing Rails before his appearances :slight_smile: har har har

I admire Ballmer’s willingness to make an ass of himself, but not his dedication to it.

I work for Micheal Dell and have met him about a dozen times. He is every bit as enthusiastic about HIS company as anyone else. And so is Steve Jobs, and so are Sergey and Larry, they just don’t need to make a total freakin’ ass out of themselves to show it. Balmer is a fat retard.

Ballmer doesn’t care nothing about nothing, he only wants more dough for him and he sure knows that windows are 50 million lines of non conforming junk. He acts as if he’s passionate (or a sweaty fat bloke with a pungent hint of boarder-line craziness) just to sell those MS crap. Windows is like an annoying mother in law who just won’t die or a chatty girlfriend or wife who just won’t shut the hell up. Linux IP infrigement? I think not, MS has loads of IP violations throughout each year.
PS one thing ballmer and jobs have in common is not just the 1st name, but also a billionair jerk (even though I am a mac user) differ in the taste of clothes and design for the future


(the reason why Ballmer these other people are multi-billionaires)