Steve Mann, Cyborg

I may have an unusual affinity for hardware, but Steve Mann is in a class of his own. He lives the hardware. Steve Mann may be the world's original cyborg.

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I’m starting to think this blog needs to be renamed ;o)

It’s hard to update your website when you spend all day on CyborgSpace

You might want to check out Thad Starner’s work at Georgia Tech. It doesn’t have a lot of the juicy hardware specs but it shows off a good bit of interesting research.

The wearable computer I have access to consists of an OQO, MicroOptical display and a Twiddler. We also have a WristPC keyboard and a decent bluetooth headset for alternate inputs.

I bet he got all the chicks in 1991 with that rig. How could they resist? Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Steve’s personal web page is a shambles; nothing is dated.

A sure sign of an academic lightweight.

I heard some weeks ago from a friend who described quite similar technologies which his professor is researching at the University of Toronto. You can find the site concerning it at the following url, but I don’t think there is a whole lot on the project in particular.

I would post his description and comments on it, but it’s a bit lengthy, so again a link will have to suit:

Thanks for the entry; this is sure to be interesting [although I’ll admit you have yet to disappoint!].

Sorry! I hadn’t realized you’d already mentioned that site. :stuck_out_tongue: Ah well, perhaps the other link will yet be of interest.

He is using hardware to replace life, not augment it: he is doomed.

I dunno. GPS. Smart phones. Wearable computers are mainstream now. They just don’t make you look like you’re re-enacting Universal Soldier in your parents’ basement :slight_smile:

(I mean that with the utmost respect.)

“Wearable computing” is almost as fashionable a phrase as “information superhighway.”

He might want to throw in a wearable Norelco for version 8…

Did any of you actually read the links? He lost part of his memory (no pun intended) when they ripped the computer off of him; he could possibly have been brain damaged, according to his doctors. It’s nothing to joke about.

I’ve heard of him before, and no I dont think a cyborg would have such strong web presence. Just like your earlier blog post about walled gardens: the web is full of walled gardens, which from a technical perspective are completely useless since they go out of date. I"m sure he sees the web quite differently. Then again, he may just be relatively antisocial. none of his pictures show him smiling.

I think that his equipment is outperformed by today’s smartphones…
except for the display glasses.

Maybe he’s already surfing the Web 4.0 and that’s why we can’t find him.

I think I met this guy at a party at MIT one time. That was probably around 1995 or so. He was a bit…different. :slight_smile:

As augmented as he may be, Steve lives in the real world. Why exactly would he need another presence? The web is pretty lame when compared to what he’s (what we’ve all) got, no?

On the topic of this blog… I recently added it to my aggregator but I might pull the plug soon. I miss the old coding stories. Oh well, can’t have it all.

Geez, Steve’s site is terrible. Someone local to him should offer to implement DasBlog or similar for him and move his stuff across.

Interesting concept Sousveillance, because when I have a chance to think about conspiracies I’ve always believed that the best way to implement Big Brother was to get the populace to watch each other by making it fashionable. I could say that this has already been implemented by giving every mobile phone user a camera on their device which we saw come used in 9/11 and the bombing of London. Steve takes this to the next level and opens really interesting views on the rights of an individual to record their day which involved other people who equally have the right to privacy.

Back to my original comment though, I would think that an enthusiastic effort into migrating Steve’s work to the current web trends would encourage him and reveal a lot more about his work.

If the twitter folks see this… all hell will break loose

He’s not a cyborg, since the parts aren’t part of his body, grafted or implanted. He’s just wearing it all. Neal Stephenson dubbed this sort of guy a “gargoyle”.