Test Doubles: A Taxonomy of Pretend Objects

Ned recently pointed out Martin Fowler's article Mocks Aren't Stubs.

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Marcus, I use mocks almost exclusively when writing my unit tests because if you attempt to have the thing you are unit testing use actual objects it quickly becomes a (complicated) systems test instead. Mocks can also let you do some tests that are otherwise hard-to-impossible to test, such as asserting that your object under unit test only makes some call once (this is useful where that call is possibly long-running or state-modifying in some way that is hard to test).

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As i understand it, mock objects are usually used in unit testing situations: a unit test should have as few dependencies as possible, ideally it should only depend on the object/method that is being tested.

The issue is that objects are very often dependent on one another (composed with other objects, …), and your unit tests therefore end up testing what you want to test, but also every object in the composition hierarchy of what you want to test.

Mock objects are used to remove this composition hierarchy by composing the tested object with mock objects, therefore removing all dependencies, and allowing you to test only what you want to test, and nothing else.

They look to me like they’re ready for production.

Marcus, it is good to take a look at the original mock objects paper too: (pdf) http://www.connextra.com/aboutUs/mockobjects.pdf. As I understand them, mock objects are like little spies that can be inserted into other objects to check whether they are being used as intended. They also have the good property of breaking dependencies and can also work as stubs providing canned data.

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Mock, dummy, fake … what is this. Name your stub category day? They all STUBS. Why make it more confusing?

Look I just created a dummy object that morphs into a fake when stubed in my fake test…

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It was difficult to come up with a better image choice for “Fake”. “Mock”, on the other hand, is incredibly difficult.

I never really understood what the whole “mocking” business is all about. Why not just implement the objects to begin with?

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Thanks for the pointers you guys!