The Impossibly Small PC: Nano-ITX

VIA's Nano-ITX fits an entire PC motherboard into an impossibly small 12 by 12 centimeter format:

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Afraid to loose such a little piece of hardware ? Below is the solution ! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been waiting on one of these for a long time, to replace the miniITX form factor PC I use in my carputer project

Intel may kill VIA:

Because of its sales potential, the D201GLY board may prove to be a landmark product. Dell already uses a similar board in its EC280 desktop computer. If high channel sales doesn’t jack up the price, many will flow through there as well.

The D201GLY certainly fits the bill for those looking to build new or upgrade at minimum cost. For VIA though, the chip giant has certainly put the cat among the pigeons.

SilentPCReview thread on the board, here: