The iPhone Software Revolution

The original iPhone was for suckers hard-core gadget enthusiasts only. But as I predicted, 12 months later, the iPhone 3G rectified all the shortcomings of the first version. And now, with the iPhone 3GS, we've reached the mythical third version:

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You need a rolled up trouser leg and the right handshake to get into the app store:

On Windows and Nokia handsets you can install any app you like.

And this is why I won’t be moving to an iPhone. Lovely as they are I >object to being constrained to running the software they deem is >acceptable to them.

I run any apps I want on my iPhone. and if I can’t find an app that suits me, I write my own with no problem. You are not locked to Apple approved applications

I think many of you are completely missing the point of the blog. The iPhone isn’t better than Android, it’ll just be used differently, that’s all. If you can’t see that iPhone’s, “we’ll take care of the hard stuff, you just use our cool phone” is more attractive to the masses than Android’s “I can control every facet of my phone’s OS” than you really need to understand more about the world outside your computer screen. Most people out there don’t give a crap about doing what Android can do, that doesn’t diminish what it is, it’s just that people like my 73 year old father don’t care.

iPhone is more than technology, or the App Store, or the $99 fee to release a product, it’s the definition of simplicity that let’s you make phone calls. Most people love that kind of stuff.

Also, for what its worth, Apple approached Verizon about being the US carrier to the iPhone, but they were turned down because they wanted to release their own phone. AT&T was the Plan B.

I predict they will dominate the market for years to come


  • They’re technologically behind the competitors (3mp camera while almost all other phones have at least 5mp; they added video only in the latest version, etc.).

  • Their product costs about 700€ here, while N97 is just 500€

My slightly moderated opinion is that iPhone will be for mobile telephony what Mac is for computers: a “niche” or “trendy” product for fanatics.

… and you should own a Mac to develop an iPhone application. Nah.

This is the first post ever on this blog that I can agree with 100%.

iPhone is a brilliant device - it is a gaming platform, a phone, an application platform (graphics, API, your choice). It is also hackable which makes it worthwhile for me, at any price :slight_smile:

The real question is why Microsoft is not capable of bringing such breakthroughs (in software, let alone hardware). Bill retired too soon, IMHO and might have to drop the World Peace to play catchup with iPhone because it is changing the game, in OS markets, in gaming markets, in phone markets - and mobile application development.

DVD player
eBook reader

iPhone replacing these devices???!! My eyes, the goggles do nothing!

The iPhone/iPod Touch will do things in the background for you - carefully vetted Apple supplied things, but background none the less. Email notification, voice memo recording, audio playback, app update notifications, and the Nike+ exercise app come to mind.

Those of you that do not want to pay for a data plan, you can develop on a cheap, used Intel Mac from Craigslist, using the iPhone simulator that comes with the SDK, and not use a device at all. A refurbished iPod Touch will do fine if you want on-device testing.

Apple has rules and the dreaded approval process partly for control, partly for compliance with carrier requirements, but mainly for preserving the quality of the user experience on the platform. I wish more companies had this on their priority list.

Maybe some one said this already, but I’m not reading all those comments. :slight_smile:

Your 18 months behind Jeff. I bough the first iPhone model and had the same revelations. I jailbroke it on day one and had a powerful Unix machine in the palm of my hand. It was mind-boggling.

I didn’t upgrade to the 3G, but I have the 3GS and I agree it is another leap forward. But the real breakthrough honestly came 18 months ago. Glad you caught up. :wink:

It certainly shook the house, forcing the players of this market to wake up and compete. It is clearly a fantastic peace of technology.
Reasons why I don’t own an iPod:

  • I refuse to pay twice as much monthly for my phone as for my home internet connection
  • iTunes
  • Objective C
  • License forbids anything that resembles a framework
  • Apple can do a number of other things no app developer is allowed to do
  • The I’m a Mac ads

You know what there aren’t apps for?

The two I really looked for and couldn’t find, as of about a week ago:

  • Aikido martial arts (I was thinking maybe a virtual handbook or something)
  • P90X

Granted I COULD create the apps myself, but it would cost me the $99 for the developer software, and then there’s also the pesky problem of having to own a Mac computer. Yeah, I’m not dropping that much on a name brand, when the computer I have built cheaper can outperform it in anything BUT what Apple specializes in.

My plea: Apple, let Microsoft users develop for the iPhone too!!!

I said all this years ago, when the iPhone was first released, and got laughed at :frowning:

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My iPhone3G is awesome!

I replaced my crappy Palm Treo720W phone that I bought 3 years ago. It was a pain to use as a phone. Using the stylus sucked! Have you ever hit a button during a call while driving and tried to hit the freakin’ “X” in the upper window with your finger. A pain in the butt!

There is nothing I dislike about the iPhone except I wish it had more memory! Even the new 3GS with 32GB is not enough for me. I want to totally replace my iPod with the iPhone.

Development for the iPhone may be a bit old-school, but the applications on it and the ease-of-use blow Windows Mobile away!

A brief comment on how I came to feel about my old phone (Samsung Blackjack I):

But to be fair, I ran it until the batteries literally died. Mobile phone years are like dog years: each one is like 7 years of clock time.

Let’s see what you think in two years when Android dominates the market.

And this year is the year of Linux on the desktop, too.

Too much excitement for this product. It’s an ok device, alright; but not such a big hit in regions that are known to be far more advanced in telecom and mobile devices than the U.S., such as Japan.

Obligatory link to “not every iPhone app is like hitting the jackpot” reality check article:

My personal opinion on the iPhone is: It is a great product. It is a whole computer packed into a mobile phone. There exists amazing software for it. Development is easier than for every other mobile phone ever before.

However, for me it is just a tech toy. It is too expensive, I have no real use for it (what I need is a phone to call people and send SMS, that’s it), if I want a mobile computer I rather buy a real laptop, if I want mobile Internet I rather buy a UMTS stick for the notebook. It’s not the kind of toy I’d be willing to pay for. But it’s great nonetheless.

Phone = a device for making telephone calls.
Computer = a general purpose device.
i"Phone" = see “computer”.

I little perspective from half globe away from Apple home market.

  • contracts are hardly worldwide, in some countries rules are prepaid and rapidly switching operators whenever one of them makes better offer;
  • there are sure signs that phone manufacturers brace for impact when total lockdown won’t be an option anymore - for example for the first time in years Nokia talks about Linux as one of their pillar platforms;
  • iPhone might be fine device but Apple has no product line - there is a limit to how much you can refresh single model before buyers get bored. And it is quite expensive device unless heavily subsidized.
  • most phone owners couldn’t care less about apps, many people don’t even bother to know that they bought smartphone.

Apple is good at marketing. Apple is good at creating niche for itself. Apple completely sucks at influencing anything on worldwide scale.