The Organism Will Do Whatever It Damn Well Pleases

In the go-go world of software development, we're so consumed with learning new things, so fascinated with the procession of shiny new objects that I think we sometimes lose sight of our history. I don't mean the big era-defining successes. Everyone knows those stories. I'm talking about the things we've tried before that … didn't quite work out. The failures. The also-rans. The noble experiments. The crazy plans.

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“we sometimes sight of our history” I see what you did there.

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I still have my old D&D books too. However, they aren’t leather-bound and I haven’t passed them on to my kids yet.

“people are the source of, and solution to, all the problems you’ll run into when building social software”

All software, not just social. If it has a user interface and users, then they create problems while giving you solutions to scenarios you did not think of. If youre software development isnt like this, then I am sorry.

Jeff, the funniest thing I see is that you didn’t know your OWN site well enough to see the 5 accounts linked to this one, with one of them being at rpg :wink: lol… See, not everyone can know everything, obviously :stuck_out_tongue:


(reset all my reputation and such, because… new computer, forgot my openid account info altogether… ugh)

If your blog post discusses two gentlemen named Randy Farmer and Chip Morningstar, nothing else can do better than being the second-funniest thing in it.

“people are the source of, and solution to, all the problems you’ll run into when building social software.”

The only problem related to the planet we inhabit are us. Hell, earth probably wants us dead, and plans a superstorm by the end of 2014. Problem is we are lying sons&daughters of and our lives as well as society itself is a cluster of phobia and risky business. How can coding be different? Its brutal, outright toxic and delirious. You can stare at recursive what not all day and they will not be better after 10 years, even though you will probably use/make them out of your sleeve.

I don’t favor DnD one bit, or byte. Whatever you fancy, but its epic that you would give it as a heirloom. 1UP for that

The government could take a lesson from this principle.