The TweakUI Tips

I've been running some version of Microsoft's cool TweakUI powertoy since the heady days of Windows 95. I recently found out that the author is none other than Raymond Chen:

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Dude, thanks for the ninja book link! Now I know what to get my brother for christmas =)

I used the SysInternals strings utility to dump all the strings from the executable and isloated the tips.

…or you could have clicked ‘Save Tips’ inside About Tips. :slight_smile:

I am many times surprised for how little most people (including programmers, network, it in general) know about shortcuts and tricks in Windows… but then, I am a keyboard freak and a command line freak =o)

or you could have clicked ‘Save Tips’ inside About Tips

DOH! This should be one of the tips! :wink:

Great list of tips… I use a lot of these already at work.

Keep up the good work !

Hit Ctrl-NumPad+ to autoresize all the columns in a list control that’s in report view.

The last tip with Ctrl-C in messageboxes also works in crash report dialogs, which may come in handy. Also many error messages in Windows Vista, though not easily recognizable as default message boxes exhibit this behaviour.

many standard windows messagebox dialogs can be copied to the clipboard
This is so useful. I provide user support and can already foresee the reduction in the number of screenshots (saved in PowerPoint files, no less) that I receive!

alt + print screen
clicks a snap of the window or dialog which currently has focus. then it can be pasted using ctrl + V to the MS paint.
printscreen captures whole screen including toolbars and taskbars.
thanks…good post!