This Site May Harm Your Computer

But… who’s watching the watchers?

Sorry, Jeff, it sounds like you’re about four months behind the news cycle on this one, and on the wrong side of the issue. I don’t care what Google thinks of Website X; I just want a search engine that will let me go to Website X if that’s what I want to do. Computers (and Web utilities) should make our lives easier, not harder!

I saw this feature a few months ago. Given that they still have the feature enabled, I guess people haven’t complained much. I mean, it’s there to protect users (like the IE phishing filter) and you can, after all, still visit the site it you want to.

Imagine a friend telling you to visit a site that you think sounds evil, how would you research your suspicion if google doesn’t keep them listed?

" Incompetence, or McCarthyism 2.0?"

Still, I am a little skeptical, when anything is proclaimed to be better, stronger, more useful and - FREE. Why anybody cares for my convenience and safety? Just a pure philanthropy?

But - and it si not only about the SW technologies - can anybody imagine the warning “This site may harm your mind /brain”?

I saw this feature a few months ago

This is the first time I had seen it. I had to search for a site referenced in the article (and boy, there are some big-E Evil sites referenced in that article) to trigger the warning.

I’m thinking that’s a good thing. :slight_smile:

“I applaud the effort, but what value does keeping a site like that in your search index have for users?”

A common user will see that Google blocked the page. He will not see that the other engines delisted it. What does the better marketing for you?

Right, if you do something good for the user: Let him know. It doesn’t help him, but it does help your image.

“To do nothing-- to let these purely evil sites show up in Google results with no warning whatsoever-- would be irresponsible.”

I disagree, Google is a search engine - not the internet police. Its great that Google is offering such features as value-add to the users. But if they dont do it, its not irresponsible or negligence.

The line must be drawn as to what is a great offering, and what a provider must provide (ie your expectations). And in this case Google does not need to provide anything. Youo should be happy with what you get - its free.

google, if they are serious about this, may need to visit a page more than once, firstly as usual (aka googlebot) and secondly a simple script that identifies itself as IE, to see if the result is different. they may already do this but i can see ‘bad’ sites being modified so google sees no evil to game this one.

its a good idea, but a browser warning isn’t, people will ignore it.

I’d like to see the “this site may harm your computer” link being a bit more obvious, maybe having the link in a different colour, also the advanced seacrh being able to filter out such sites (off by default)


It happened from their internet cafe (guests only) from what I understood to be a wired in network. My feeling is that the PCs were infected with spyware. It would make sense for someone to install stuff like that on PCs in such an exclusive hotel, anyone logging into anything there is more likely to be connecting to some fairly interesting stuff.

I am not so sure they do it correctly.
The best way would be to have a tool in their
webmaster control panel to say the issue has been fixed.
They also should show which webpages and why they are infected.
Just like any other anti-virus program does.

I have several sites who got the javascript
at the end of the index.php and now basically all my sites are not accessible although i removed the script.
Thats pretty lame from google. It should be quick and automatic. but waiting and waiting for my indexed pages to be recognized again as clean is just stupid and old technology


My Site is displayed on google page in
THIS SITE MAY HARM YOUR COMPUER. So what i do remove the HARM.
and also i Google or and one site me inform any time me alert form
your site HARM. So can also remove the HARM…


My site is displayed on google page in This site may harm your computer. so what i do that my website and computer has cleaned. pl. give me some idea.

Email :-

Hi ,
Our site getthe same trouple with some code of script at our bottom sites, when we found it and removed , even we use the Stopbadwave Form to receive what we did to make our site safer, but Goolge still flag us

Google’s Matt Cutts has an update which describes the “This Site May Harm Your Computer” initiative in more detail. It also provides instructions on how to fix your site if you’ve been flagged by Google:

Why should any website harm anyone’s compuer stupid people.!

Nice that you’re all sharing the thoughts you have on badware/malware and that many of you feel this is neccesary.

Websites can hamr your computer if you’re not technically inclined to fix everything yourself. It’s a fact that most users of computers are users, and not administrators or don’t have the knowledge to see the problems. As a matter of fact, many of the webmasters having his site marked as possibly dangerous doesn’t even know what is going on.

Google is making people aware, and by joining with they are trying to give a place where you can seek some comunity help and possibly get the issues fixed quickly. I can only encourage webmaster experiencing this problem to visit the Stopbadware site and google group to get to know more about the subject.

As for hotels, Internet cafe’s and public computers in general not to be blamed for badware or any kinds of abuse, I think they should be blamed fully. The respective owners of the computers, even though they are publicly shared, should make sure that this cannot happen, they owe that to their visitors. I’ve had an internet cafe for 10+ years, and it’s never happened to me or any of my customers, so it’s absolutely possible with a little work.

Here’s where Google is bad: To have your innocent site unflagged, Google’s form will not work unless you first admit that you believe your site has done bad things…even when it hasn’t. In my opinion, this is an abuse of power.

my site virtualdarpan also is recently flagged with warning message. when i check my site code then i found some hackers insert unescape(%jhasgd%hg%) something like that a big javascript code. which when unescaped gives few iframes with link to hackers site which downloads viruses and keyloggers etc.

but still i am wondering how spammers insert such code at the end of each file in my server. ?!?

My Site is displayed on google page in
THIS SITE MAY HARM YOUR COMPUER. So what should i do to remove the HARM. explain me breefly

thanks regards