Trapped in a Bitmapped World

In a recent blog entry, Don Park waxed poetic about 1600x1480 15" LCDs. That's more of a microfiche reader than an actual screen. High DPI displays, though, aren't the root of the problem. As Scoble points out, the real issue is Windows itself:

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If you haven’t already read Ian Griffiths blog entries on vector graphics and high-dpi support then take a look at the following:

There is also some discussion in the comments section of his following article comparing Apple’s Quartz with GDI+ and Avalon.


Wow, really great links-- that’s exactly what I was thinking of. Thanks!

Good question. The “right” resolution is equal to the number of physical pixels (HxW) on the display. On some (most?) LCDs it is also the maximum supported resolution.

How does one find out what the “right” res is for their LCD?