Universally Annoying Remotes, Revisited

Alex Gorbatchev posted his very favorable review of the Harmony H659 universal remote:

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Thanks for the fast track canonization, Jeff. : )

Chris, what you need is a Tupac-style tattoo of “Wahoo 4 Ever”, in Old English font, on your torso.

And a bandana.


Jeff, I got here off your response to Scott’s post on his HT setup. Based on your reviews, I am still glad I didnt go with the Harmony remote. I’m glad its working for you though. :slight_smile:

It’s not perfect, but it still beats the heck out of 4 remotes.

FWIW, I recently updated the remote and it downloaded a new firmware that helped noticeably with the Tivo “stickiness” (aka button delays) and the command repeating issue.

It’s not as fast as the real Tivo remote but it’s far less annoying now.

Ah, but the MX-700 is WAY faster than the TiVo remote. :slight_smile: