Welcome Back Comments

I apologize for the scarcity of updates lately. There have been two things in the way:

Continuing fallout from International Backup Awareness Day, which meant all updates to Coding Horror from that point onward were hand-edited text files. Which, believe me, isn't nearly as sexy as it … uh … doesn't sound.

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Another thing you might think about (if TypePad supports it) is getting a few trusted people to help you moderate comments and trackbacks.

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How was migrating from your previous ASP.NET based (I can’t remember the name offhand) blogging platform to TypePad like? Was there a lot of work involved in importing the content over and such?

Oh, I was always on Movable Type:


@mythokia: I believe that Jeff was using wordpress in the past. http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/12/blog-outage-backup-policies/

@Jeff… cool to see you’re back being “alive” on your blog again. Safe trip to the event. Looking forward to hearing how you, your Mrs. and the little dude make out with the international travel.

Welcome back comments. I do think some of the comments on your blog is worth keeping as well, and some provide a lot of insight to alternative approaches or thoughts.

@mythokia. Jeff previously used MoveableType, not ASP.Net to run his blog. Some of his entries from 2004 describes what software he used and there is a more recent post about MoveableType as well.

Yes!!! Welcome back comments.

I see that you have changed the URL structure. Now it is more predictable what I am linking to. Cool. I see that the old URLs are working too. double cool.

What about a voting system and threaded comments?

I also welcome the fancy URLs.
It’s a nice thing to see the posts’ titles in the links, when you put them all over your new articles.

Also, why don’t you drop the /blog in your URL structure?
It’s not like you have something on codinghorror.com and something else on codinghorror.com/blog.

Use the community to post a gist of the interesting comments a day or two after your main post. And of course, you can always introduce a comment voting system like Stack Overflow.

Although I agree that your blog is richer with comments, most of the time I read your blog through an RSS reader and don’t see them.

My interest in comments generally comes down to a question of time or topic. If the topic is particularly controversial or interesting, I’ll scan the comments to see if anyone has picked up on the points I would make myself.

I suppose it’s just an exercise in vindication of my own view point.

Hi Jeff, nice to have comments back :slight_smile:

Your comments used to be colored differently, could we have tat back?

Comment voting system - definitely! Let the community do the work.

This reminds me of the period when Slashdot started needing (community) moderation. For a while after that, the discussions thrived and it was one of the most interesting sites on the net. Let’s hope you don’t go that route :-).

I agree about threaded comments - that way people can either respond to you, or to a particular comment.

And also - comment notifications. If you want discussion amongst commenters then letting them know that they’ve had a reply is vital.

Nice to see that the TypePad registration is every bit as simple as I had hoped for. The hassle with OpenID was nearly too much to bother. By the way - can you edit your account here? I noticed (one button click too late) that I’ve mistyped my email address.

As for threaded comments - there’s one problem with them. It’s annoyingly difficult to find the comments that have been written since my last visit. I have to re-read the whole discussion. IMHO a chronological approach + quoting feature is better. Like in TheDailyWTF. Though there is one improvement it could have - it gets pretty awkward when there are deep nested quotes and long discussion posts. It would be nice if every quote would show only, say the first 3 lines, and the rest would be javascript-expandable with a button.

Oh, and congratulations on getting your blog back on track! :slight_smile:

Hey, I found it! :slight_smile: And along the way already thought of half a dozen more features for comments (editing your own, advanced formatting, etc.) :stuck_out_tongue: Which usually means exactly one thing - it’s the best the way it is! :smiley:

The best software is not the one that has nothing more to add, but the one that has nothing more to remove.

Congrats on finally fixing your “About me” link :slight_smile:

interesting… but the second caveat for your new comment moderation system could be a difficult path to follow - what you may consider “shrill argument” might be viewed by a wider audience as a valid point.

as another blogger/publisher who invites community comments, I agree that crap like “you suck” is definitely a non-contributing feedback, but there are many times where my first instinct is to delete a negative comment, but then I might revisit it after a while and realise that it is actually a contributive one.

Deleting “shrill arguments” out of hand in these cases might end up limiting truthful commentary and land you in that bubble of sycophanty.

Great to see it back, enjoy your break (well, work break).

Good call on allowing OpenId login’s. I’m pretty small fry when it comes to comments on my blog, yet it always amazes me that someone will waste so much time leaving spam messages, especially when I moderate and simply delete them without anyone else ever seeing them. I guess I need to put up a comment policy statement just so it’s clear that I do moderate.