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A brief note on policy:

Please abide by the universal rules of civilized discourse. We’re all here to learn from each other, so if you have something to say, make an honest effort to teach us something.


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  • Humor is always welcome as long as it is not at the expense of others and does not unduly dominate the conversation.

  • I reserve the right to edit posts for better formatting at any time, but I will never (intentionally) change the meaning of anyone’s posts.


This is really nice! I came here from your post introducing Stack Overflow and I find it very neat that you created this years later then pulled the comments and added them here, thanks for making the web a better place :blush:


Thank you! Making our part of the Internet just a little bit better is something I enjoy tremendously.

I honestly love tending to my little digital garden, I’m happy you’re visiting, and I hope you also tend to your own digital gardens as you see fit :tulip::hugs:

The danger is that if we don’t tend to our digital gardens… they won’t belong to us any more. Having your own space matters!

(That said, I need to blog more often. I’m on it!!)