When In Doubt, Make It Public

Marc Hedlund offered some unique advice to web entrepreneurs last month:

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In other words, if a tree falls in the woods and nobody twitters it, it didn’t happen? :wink:

I love that Unix command analogy. The question is, which commands haven’t been implemented yet?

I’ll take it that your advice doesn’t necessarily apply to the visibility of class members, right ? :slight_smile:


rm -r *

Please! The sooner the better!

chown! I can see the websites going up already :slight_smile: and then suddenly dying, because someone chown’d them :smiley:

Thank goodness, I thought this was going to be some questionable OOP advice. :smiley: Good points on the actual article though, heh.

To amend Rock Howard’s request:

rm -rf http://myspace*

joking aside, there are lots of web-based whois sites as well as sites that will ping your ports to see which ports are open to the world. that’s like nmap and whois.

A couple of thoughts:

  1. Just because we (including myself in that) think something is cool because it’s on a blog, on flickr, youtube, twitter, etc. doesn’t mean the general population does. And I’m not saying these types of things won’t grow in popularity, but right now, what’s the market penetration of these services? I’m sure it’s not as high as I probably think it is. In other words, do us techies live in our own bubble? Honest question, not a flame. And while I say that, I think this stuff is cool, although I still don’t get twitter - I just have too much to do and not enough time to write about everything.

2)At the same time I state #1, it just proves that no matter what sort of freaky, weird, mundane, or obscure thing you’re into, the internet is good to find the other two people that dig(g) it, too!

chown also exist as Web version - eBay.

telnet mud.college.edu 4444 == WorldofWarcraft

Definitely, and it’s a positive feedback loop; the more information is public, the more platforms there is to create and publish information, the more new tools can attach themselves to that system and improve it, either by making it easier to add information or find it.

i agree. Coke and Pepsi should opensource their sugar water drink and make it public.

The problem of “public everything” that everyone can do it. And really professional content\service just sinks in tons of mediocrity.
And if you look on current “state of the Internet” - millions of schoolgirls\boys writing in public blogs about their “x day in camp”. And relation Pro/Mediocre tent to zero. In this case - how “X day in camp” enriches you all ? How it enriches search engines just filling index pages with crappy bunch of letters? Dont waste your brain-space to fill with such useless data. You all usually have much better things to read and to think about.

Surely there is some public data that enriches the world - ex. human genome decoding or public results about any cure. but this content produced by pro’s and usually for pro’s. This content proven\checked and usually get from hard scientists work or at least from any work. But now Internet fille#1074; with copy-pasted content, useless blog posts and simular comments (just try notice how often you see a “public” comment like “=)” or “huh” - does it enriches you?). And there is more and more tools that allows all sorts of mediocrity publish theirs mediocre or low-than-mediocre content. Do you like it? “Big fishes” like Google\Yahoo\Microsoft using it to benefit from advertising\popularizing their services - most of time they just dont care about what was written - it’s just add some value to theirs stock numbers and they dont really care about “quality” of another million of blogger users.
But looks like Internet content moving in the “public way”, surely
millions of lemmings cant be wrong. If this will continue - just read Orwell’s “1984” and you will see future of the internet\world.

P.S: I just read “Inclusionists versus deletionists” and now Im strong convinced deletionist
P.P.S: Sorry for my bad english or typos - this isn’t native language for me.

Wow, this is the meme that keeps on giving.

I think you have two of the examples flipped – LISTSERV : Yahoo! Groups :: rn : Bloglines.

The chown : eBay one mentioned in the comments here and on the original post is my favorite.

cvs = http://sourceforge.net/

Hahaha… you just discovered the basic concept behind the open source paradigm, congrats!!

I love this site and its contents
every day (or so) i find something new and exciting to read here

Thanks for the effort

slocate = stumbleupon
and rm -rf as David wrote. Still laughing.

That Gauss didn’t publish his discovery of non-Euclidean geometries doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, it just makes him a weenie for all time!

nothing is new under the sun, web2.0 till now not created something completely new. The most successful apps took some of interesting/popular stuff that folks already did : messaging/personal media storage etc’, and made it
1. public
2. simple
3. fun

good article , thanks Jeff for all the good stuff around here