Windows Vista: Security Through Endless Warning Dialogs

For some sensible discussion of secure user interaction, read and the paper linked there. Windows and UAP violate all 10 of the suggested principles.

The link that got snipped out of my last comment by the blog software is

I am not sure what the user is supposed to make of deciding whether RunDLL is supposed be launched (I don’t think anyone could answer that question without knowing what was calling it - such information is not provided in the warning dialogs).

The thing that gets me is that Vista requires permission to execute its own files one DLL at time (not third party programs) and has no memory of them. Surely, if I have double-clicked a Control Panel applet I have already indicated that I want to open it!

Oddly enough, this exact behaviour is one of the reasons I threw away 1.5 years of subscription fees for ZoneAlarm when version 6.0 was released (it did exactly the same thing).

Hopefully this is all a side-effect of a half-cooked feature. After all, this is still a ‘Beta’ we are talking about here. If this ‘feature’ shipped without a switch to disable it, it would be suicide.

Ok, After giving myself proper admin rights…My control panel doesn’t work anymore…reverting back to the default User account settings didn’t help, now what…?

Sadly disappointed with the 5384 Build of Beta2, I have never been logged on as an administrator, in safe mode and told I cannot install a driver because I didn’t have true admin rights. They have a long way to go with Vista although being MS they’ll meet the release date for qtrly profits alone, then patch for the next several years.
Oh and if installing drivers wasn’t frustrating enough, vista telling me every 3 seconds that a driver didn’t install correctly “Would I like to stop or reinstall” really blows considering the error comes along before the installation of said driver is even finished.
Right now, Vista is nothing more than an exercise in patience and frustration. In time I hope that MS works this out because the potential of Vista is huge.

i dont know much about cps, i know how to put them together and some system stuff, but when i heard about Vista, its size… its insanity! i switched to Fedora Core 5 linux. i like not have viruses, and of course the only thing worse than viruses (Norton Antiviruse) and im happy im not going to be a windows user when windows and direct x and the rest of their OS crap get left waaay behind.

Hmm, maybe thats because you run a warez version ?

The funny thing is now that on the RTM edition, the option of User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt - No Prompt no longer exists. Rather you can only choose either “Display” or “Prompt without elevating.” Great Microsoft, great.

Why would you support a Closed Source OS , the whole basis of where people buying Microsoft OS is absurd and psychologically weird- is you pay for something that in reality when bugs and user issues arise they will never be fixed by Microsoft. Ask yourself is that OK are you happy to push your mouse around clicking endlessly to satisfy well no one except your own blunder investing in poor software.

Open Source is the proper direction for computers , you should investigate Linux and its many varied exciting releases. Xandros Mandriva , Red Hat/ Fedora ,Mepis, Knoppix etc , and learn about contributing to them.

I compare Windows - whatever ,to driving in pitch black darkness in a forest of dense trees at 70 mph smashing into trees - denting your car , to Linux that asks however and if and many other questions about its environment and navigates through it all with ease. Its crazy paying for software in a closed source way - there is no better time to stop doing that than now. Support Open Source and or software that contributes provides freely for every OS like the Opera browser .

Installing Vista RC2 and using it for a couple of months has made me a convert… to Mac OSX! (I can run XP using Parallels when I need to do my .NET development work, but I can actually ENJOY MY COMPUTING EXPERIENCE the rest of the time!) So long, suckers.

CD - the problem is that open source OSes are generally not as user friendly as Windows, and those that ARE aren’t well known enough to the public at large.

The other problem is that performance powers development, and currently if you want to do the most high-end gaming, you’re going to have to do it on a Microshaft OS. They have the majority share, good games and drivers are written for the OS, people see the games, and use the OS. It’s a vicious cycle, and holds true for things outside games, as the open-source OSes don’t have a killer app. Microsoft does - the Office suite. Linux is great to code on, but that isn’t accessible to the common user, or not nearly as much as the original spreadsheet software was.

Totally agree Stebe. I installed the final release of Vista on my MacBook Pro, and it works great - wait, no, it works as well as Vista is capable of working. But there’s nothing in Vista for Apple to worry about.

As a long time Windows hacker I can honestly recommend switching to a Mac.

Apple fan boys make me laugh. Come back the day Apple have the guts to release Mac OS X for all pc’s with all the issues that will raise.

It’s easy to copy a unix kernel and customize it for specific hardware. Apple is not even in the same league as Microsoft and Job’s knows it, why else would he feel the need to talk crap about MS every chance he gets.

Oh no - Windows Home Basic won’t allow you to install the “snap-in” require to run this administrator tool!

Now what? How to turn off these stupid prompts?

@ PL
Actually, Apple has the BRAINS to keep its software and hardware under one package. That’s the only way to really guarantee the quality of what you’re using. And if you think that this is only a game Apple plays, look at Microsoft’s Zune and XBox.

Apple’s iPod + iTunes works better than Microsoft’s Zune + Marketplace. So it’s ok say that “Apple isn’t in the same league as Microsoft.” Apple’s in a better one.

And by the way, no apostraphe in “Jobs.”

Disabling UAC is much easier in the RTM version of Vista.

Just go to Control Panel, and type “UAC” in the search box in the upper-right hand corner of the window. It’s the first result.

ok… all that aside, can anyone tell me how to turn off the information bar that pops up on EVERY page warning me that I am stepping in front of a speeding truck?

OS X doesn’t have a “UNIX” kernel. Darwin is a combination of OpenBSD and Mach. Of course, OS X has completely new APIs too, along with a completely new display system.

You Windows fans are just disappointed that Microsoft didn’t deliver the revolutionary OS you thought they were going to ship. When Spotlight came out in OS X, you told me that WinFS was going to be the Holy Grail of computing. You showed 3D photo management demonstrations that made Vista amazing.

It turns out Vista has Spotlight, a flawed copy of Expos, a flawed Start Menu, a flawed task bar, a flawed copy of iPhoto, a flawed copy of Mail, a flawed copy of iDVD, a flawed copy of iCal.

Wow, $6 billion dollars of development and six years for a really weak impersonation of OS X.

Oh, here we go, another MAC V Windows nutter. I must say that i am a fan of both OS’s. IV used both and am comfortable, for both have advantages and disadvantages. Windows has the larger market share currently, with mac a million miles behind. But i see this changing in the comming years. Mac currently has little or no viruses written for it, but then why would you write a virus to attack a small percentage of computers in the world. bus as MAC gets more popular in the comming years, more viruses will be written. the OS will be attacked more, and then it will just be another OS that is as unsecure as the next. So, why cant we all get along, use all OS’s for their advantages instead of shoutin off that one is better than the other.

I recently instaled Windows Vista Ultimate…and to tell you the truth…I belive it was worth the hasel and time comsumption…but like the rest of u i do have a MAJOR problem with the fact taht vista does NOT let a admin truly be an admin. I have trouble accessing web sites or downloading updates or patches for games,aplicatins, and other programs. With out vista telling ME the admin…that waht I am doing is “baddd” or can do me “harm”. Or tellign me that i cannot 'downlaod patch becuase i do not have administrative powers"

basically…TOO much security
im not suprised that when in plug in my ipod my pc doesnt send an electrcal charge to the device and destroy it for having a bad word in one of the song’s lyrics. XD