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Choosing Your Own Adventure


Probably the best post I’ve read since I started following your blog. Thank you for so many awesome articles, and good luck with whatever it is you’re going to be working on!

Oh, and yeah, I absolutely loved those books. Some of them were translated to norwegian (my english wasn’t very good back then) so I would go down to the town library every weekend and rent new ones.


Best of luck Jeff!

Thanks for your insights these past couple of years.



I wish you luck on your new venture. Thanks for all the great posts.


Best of luck to you, Jeff!



Bah! I waited a day to read your post!

Congrats on your move and wish you the best of luck! Will be looking forward to you announcing the full details when the time comes.


Good Luck on your new job!

Just a comment to spoil the emphasis of your post (yes, I’m a big bastard). I know that thinking about a job change is a long and deep mental process, I’ve been there myself, but consider this:

  • You are a very skilled and popular programmer
  • You’ve been working at Vertigo for a long time
  • You’re leaving Vertigo in good terms

Given these 3 points, there is a VERY HIGH probability that Vertigo would re-hire you (with a higher salary) should something go wrong in your new adventure :slight_smile:


best of luck with the start up, you could also break into the podcasting, I’m sure there are a few people that would listen to you drone on for 5-10 minutes a day on various OSS projects that you feel passionate about. It would be a great way to advertise for you new adventure and possibly make more money while you are at it…


Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog posts and hope to continue to do so. All the best to you.:slight_smile:


All the best amigo…


It’s is always refreshing to jump into something new. So all the best.


The wisdom of Rudyard Kipling (by way of Grandpa Simpson):

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!


Best of luck Jeff!
I’m also closing a door here at my current job and moving on to a new adventure.

These past few nights I’ve being going to bed pretty late just staring at the ceiling and wondering: “what if it doesn’t work?”

Can’t wait to hear more from your new endeavor.


Good luck on the new adventure!


Everybody’s changing something in their lifes these days - including me. Good luck on your leap my friend.



Best of luck, Jeff. We’ll be listening on the same Jeff-channel to see how page 10 turns out to be :slight_smile:


We’ll be waiting with bated breath. Good luck!


Atta Boy Jeff, GO FOR IT!


The best books for choosing your own adventure were the Steve Jackson/Ian Livingstone books. Seriously. More monsters and maiming.

Oh, and good luck.


By the way, don’t back down; you’ve made the right choice and you will succeed.

My attitude has always been:
‘I will succeed or die trying.’

In the end, if you want something bad enough, these are the only two possible outcomes.

Most of the time, people succeed. I know I have when I really wanted something.
You’ve got to want it. And you have got to believe.
Again, good luck Jeff and best wishes for your new venture.


As far as being homeless with a suit and tie, I’d say that opting to fulfill potential (or the attempt to) will lead to less bitterness with preparation. The chains of material belongings and “base of operations” can be hindering. I’m not suggesting that going for such an extreme is good… without planning, anyway. That is what compels a response. It is an important point in your life.

There is risk where there is reward. Plan it out.

Best of luck; I look forward to seeing how it turns out.