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Choosing Your Own Adventure


I loved these books. I remember marking pages with my fingers, scraps of paper, whatever was handy trying to make sure I had found every ending and every path through the books. I think I’ve still got a collection of these at home that I’m saving for my kids (first one arriving in July!) and I’m hoping they love them as much as I did. It was the first thing I looked for in the Weekly Reader magazine when it was time to order more books in elementary school.

Good luck with the new venture. With your discipline in posting almost every day, I’m sure you will do well.


Best of luck …

…and you were not alone in enjoying these books (and probably for the same reasons)


Good luck Jeff, and big congratulations on coming to such a big decission!



I usually come to this blog and leave thinking “today’s blog post is my favorite!” Bringing back memories of the Choose your own adventure books, the hilarious chicken illustration… I wish you a lot of luck! You’re a great inspiration, and I enjoy coming here.


I loved those books! Good luck on page 10 (and keep your finger on the current page so you can go back if you don’t like it)


Good luck and thanks for the writing so far.


Welcome to the club. All the cool kids are here.


Good luck Jeff! I appreciate this blog and I wish you success. I’ve already turned off my ad blocker for this site because I know that you won’t inundate me with ads.


There are no ‘right’ choices. Only the ones we make. There may be more desirable paths those choices lead us down but we can only speculate since we chose the alternate path.

Good Luck and I will keep reading.


Oh, the nostalgia is killing me! Seeing the cover from “The Cave of Time” brought it all back in an instant. Seriously though, good luck with everything Jeff - and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!


Hey Now Jeff,
Good Luck, your new workstation will be a great post to see when you move.
Coding Horror Fan,


I started my microISV just over 3 years ago. It has been quite a ride, but I haven’t regretted it (yet!). A good description is “trading the illusion of security for the illusion of freedom”.

Best of luck with the new venture.


Congrats and good luck Jeff.


Good luck Jeff.


All right, I have three things to say:

  1. Thanks for continuing blogging at CodingHorror!
  2. Thanks for not becoming a full-time blogger!
  3. Wish you all the best for your new adventure!

Can’t wait to read the next chapter :slight_smile:


Good Luck Jeff! I have enjoyed this blog everyday for the past year or so. Advertise all you want! :slight_smile:


Good luck. I’ve been in your position, and will likely be there again soon - it’s one of the most stressful times in the world. You might succeed, you might fail, but at least you made a decision.

Kudos to ya!


Jeff, thanks for reviving some awesome memories. Our development group is pretty much exclusively composed of late-20’s to mid-30’s folk, and we had a great time on the Choose Your Own topic.

I also had quite a laugh following your digressions. Enjoy the fireworks, but be prepared for the smell of burning short-hairs.

Best wishes.


Good luck Jeff!

We all root for you (at least until you stop blogging :).


Good move, Jeff… I commend your extended commitment to the developer community!:slight_smile: Keep up the great work!