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Choosing Your Own Adventure


Ah… Prisoner of the Ant People…

Jeff, thank you so much for that bit of reflectance. I had forgotten all about this period in my childhood and the influence it had on my current career.


Good luck!


I absolutely loved those books growing up.


Good luck Jeff. You listed your 8 or so tech role models, but did you know you’re on that same list for a lot of other people - including myself?

Fortunately, the stuff after ‘page 10’ hasn’t been written yet! I’m sure you’ll do well in your new adventures and I’ll be following along here the whole time.


If the current trend sticks, your writing is only going to get better.

After reading an influential post from one of the guys on your list earlier this year, I took some actions that effectively caused a few events to occur and subsequently caused an abrupt shift in my career direction - and life has been a lot better since.

People don’t always have access to the right information, and the insight/wisdom provided by great blogs go beyond the mere act of making money, they can change lives for the better, and put others in positions where they can make better decisions for themselves, it’s perhaps the best thing anyone can do for another.

Congrats on making the move and all the best, keep it rolling.


Although only related to the CYOA books, my first experience was with the Dungeons and Dragons Endless Quest books. This was my favorite: (http://www.gamebooks.org/show_item.php?id=900.)

And Jeff, good luck.

“Just keep clear mind, go straight ahead, and try, try, try for ten thousands years.” Zen saying


Your blog is one of the best, if not the best I’ve ever read. Good luck!


Best of luck Jeff!

Also, those books were great. Those along with Encyclopedia Brown were all I read when I was a kid.


Jeff - You are passionate about what you do, and I know you will succeed. You only live this life once, I’m glad you decided to take the risk. I’ll always be a faithful reader, advertisements or not.


jeff, does this mean you’ll have time to have lan party with me again?

best luck!


Congrats, Jeff, and good luck!

The one CYOA book I remember the most is “Inside UFO 54-40” (#12 of the original series). Throughout the whole book you are searching for this utopian paradise, and there is actually a “Congratulations, You found it!” page in the book, but THERE IS NO WAY TO REACH IT!

I didn’t make a graph, but I remember searching through the entire book to see if there was a “turn to Page 101”. There was not.

So do we call that unreachable code? Should the book not compile?


Best of luck!

I still love choose your own adventure books.

Seeing Douglas Crockford as one of your blogging role models just propelled you to a higher level of coolness.



I’m really glad you’re not going to be blogging full time. It’s the time spent doing other things that gives the best ideas for blog posts.


As a fellow (still) (not much lately) coding blogger, I say, do it. I love my new job, but still wish I could make something new and independent again.


Good luck man, I love your blog and I’m glad to hear that you’ll be keeping on with it. I can’t wait to read about your experiences working for yourself!


Does this mean we’ll have to put up with a lot more posts about blogging instead of posts about actually coding?


“The original illustrator … had quite an eye”

I think nostalgia has affected your judgment. That artwork is hideous.

You sure do need a lot of words to say, “I’m quitting my job. It’s scary.”

I’m glad you’re going to continue developing. People who talk about developing, but have stopped doing it themselves, tend to start losing touch with reality IMHO.


Good luck!
One of the most important things is not to give up too early, even if it sometimes is an effort to get up as there are zero sales!


Good luck!


Kick ass!
Best of luck to you on your new endeavor, Jeff.