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Choosing Your Own Adventure


Jeff, you tell a great story.

I love your technique of “take something obscure show why we should be interested set the stage and move in for the kill give us the punchline/news and commentary”. Most folks either do the interesting but unimportant OR the news part, but you marry those expertly.

So thanks, keep up the good work, and congratulations!


Wait…isn’t page 10 where you’re attacked by a Gru?

Oh no…that’s Zork…silly me.

Best of Luck Jeff!


Congratulations! I’m always excited to read what comes next, your site has been a big influence on me, and I wish you all the luck with what comes next!


Dude, that’s awesome.

You could probably do “funding drives” every few months and be successful with your readership levels.

Any thoughts to more book opportunities?


Congratulations! I hope the adventure treats you well.

While I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a couple of years now, if you’ve posted on any of your projects, I’ve missed it. SO I look forward to seeing what cool things you build when the time is right.



This post reminded me of my first little personal programming project (as a wee kid) back in about 1981 - I coded out one of the Choose Your Own Adventure books - I can’t recall which one - in Basic on a TRS-80. I even tried adding some rudimentary graphics to go with the text. I (somewhat) fondly recall saving and loading my code from the attached cassette recorder (!)

In some odd way these books helped make me interested in CS. I owned dozens of them at one point in my adolescence…

Thanks Jeff for the fun flashback…


Best of luck! I’ve always enjoyed Coding Horror and I’m excited to see what you do next.


Unfortunately, not everything is what it seems… come on, you’ve been fired for reading and posting to your blog too much, haven’t you!? Having fun on company time… tsk tsk tsk, :slight_smile:


These books were a favorite of mine when I was younger… and I never could wrap my head around them. Thanks for the greater picture, so to speak.

Congratulations on your adventure through the new door and I wish you the best of luck.


Love the series too. I read them in my own language (there are translations of the books in Malay).


Good luck Jeff.
Its a tough decision that you have taken.
Wish you best for your future.
It would be like a Candle offering favor to Sun. But still if any help is required from us readers don’t hesitate.

On other side being selfish. Jeff has always been a pathfinder for us.
Now if Jeff succeeds or fails(I trust Jeff and God it wont happen) the readers are one who are going to always gain from the experience of Jeff.

3 cheers for the new CEO of fortune 10 company.

Sachin Chavan.


One more CYOA thought: man, some of those had some BADDD titles “War With the Evil Power Master”?? “You Are A Shark”!?! I mean, I know the market is for kids, but those sound like titles thought up by kids.


Excellent news.

Any life changing event can cause anxiety and I’m glad you made a decision; either definitely stick with Vertigo or definitely leave.

I think you really had three options and not two though - using trinary logic (yes/no/null).

Others could quite well be stuck in “null land” when faced with this kind of decision; staying at their job yet never making that definite decision to stay (or leave).

Good luck and godspeed!

From one of your blog’s long time lurkers,

-Tom Woz


Best of luck! Look forward to reading about your adventures :slight_smile:


Many of your posts were related to your work at Vertigo. Now we get the feeling that your blog will change


Wish you all the best Jeff. I am sure you will do great as usual in your new venture


Best of luck! I hope this means more frequent updates! :slight_smile:


All the best for your new endeavour! Looking forward to more great insights posted on your blog.


Congratulations on the big leap! I hope your startup project and all future ones are even more successful than your blog.

The good news is if you ever need good developers to help you’re a blog post away from more interest than you can handle :wink:


Good luck Jeff!

Looking forward to your next stop.



Lucky You Jeff!! At least you are in a position to make such a step. Keep the good stuff coming…