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Choosing Your Own Adventure


Good luck Jeff!!! Best wishes to you to find a very interesting “page 10”!!!



Man, my wife ends up in the hospital for a couple of weeks and the whole world falls apart. Don’t be a stranger, and my newborn daughter (IIS) thanks you for the drum pads.


My man. Best of luck!


Good luck man! At least real life isn’t as dangerous as a Choose Your Own Adventure (or the excellent Fighting Fantasy books) - and there’s always the option to start reading again (not that you’ll need that option I’m sure!).


I know it must have been hard to leave that sweet Rock Band rig at Vertigo. Good luck, and rock on, brother.


very inspiring!
good luck


Good luck with everything Jeff


Nothing beats the original CYOA books (I must’ve read every single one of them growing up), but I also remember the “Time Machine” and “Which Way Books” as well.

Was I the only one who begged for these as birthday presents?


Jeff I am convinced that through your intelligence and incredible insight that you will find a way to succeed. Good luck on your future endeavors.


Congratulations Jeff, and good luck!


hellz yeah, man! 433rd Good Luck! XD


Now you can start charging Vertigo to advertise on your blog…hehe.


At the risk of sounding a bit smarmy - oh what the hell!

InstaSmarmAtwood, you are the reason I am at the place I am now in my professional career. I consider myself to be the young apprentice who still to this day can remember all of the lyrics to “Big Ol’ Gold Belt” and “Baby Got Back” in the office as you ripped my code up to a bloody pulp and spit it back out at me in the form of raw gold! I learned much from you then, and I continue to reap the benefits of your stylistic bloggings./InstaSmarm

You’ve changed the way I approach technical challenges as well as the way I approach my craft Atwood - no joke. I have no doubts that you’re heart will go on.


You’ve heard enough Good Lucks… :slight_smile: Still Good Luck.

Also, I love those freaking books! I totally forgot about them. It is interesting that you relate them to programming… I probably would have never drawn that parallel, however I have to agree.



Good luck with your new adventure!


WOW Jeff,
Does this mean we get to look forward to MORE posts, I certainly hope so I love your blog, it sits on my Google homepage and I check it at least once a day, and I’ve ready EVERY post.


Good luck Jeff!

I made this decision some time ago and appreciate it every day.



Being trapped somewhere in time to live out an alternate life isn’t necessarily a negative outcome!


Been avid reader for a couple of years, and hope that you find happiness (and those couple of millions), while continue this amazing blog.


Best of luck with the new opportunity. I can’t wait to hear how page 10 turns out, live the dream.