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As I work on UI prototypes for the new web venture, I've been brainstorming names for the web site we're building. I've surveyed some of the finest minds in the software developer community (for very small values of "fine"), and we've come to a collective realization: naming a website is hard. Really, really hard.

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Hey Jeff,

privatevoid is a pretty cool name to be sure, but in the end the irony of linking to (un?)intentionally bad domain names and then putting up fellowhackers as a choice was too funny to pass up.

Cheers, I see your readership in growing by ten thousands every week.

Yeah, “fello whackers”. I thought someone might enjoy that. :slight_smile:

Looks like someone beat you to it and is squatting

Doesn’t seem that hard. How about “”? Less in-jokey, sure, but easy to remember.

privatevoid sounds like a bodily function. :slight_smile:

I vote for
Steve Ballmer would be proud.

and from this post forward, Jeff’s readers will forever be trapped in a naming jihad. For now, I’m in a minority, but my pick is the best one, I don’t care what everyone else says. The name I picked is smarter, faster, better, *er than the others. And I, and those that picked the same name, are -by extension- smarter, faster, better, *er !

Pffft to all the other names.



Not bad.

how about

Fello Whackers, I laughed.

I like Stack Overflow and Private Void.

I hope you bought all those names before some bastard sits on them.

HUIDUILUI is available

Umm have you registered all of these first? If not, expect none of them to be available once you’ve decided…

How about “bitwielders”

Okay, a few ideas in case is not available as per a previous comment: (Probably too hackish. I also figured out the unique /thing/ to your site: parallel programming…)

Man, everything else is taken.

Too bad you can’t get permission from Ward and Cunningham to use pragmaticprogrammers.{net,com,org}. It seems most of what you do here is the spirit of that book - but maybe that’s not what this new site will be about.

I like private void simply because it sounds rather Zen.