Help Name Our Website

I must have that kinda brain, i never have trouble coming up with names! , develogical, devel-lution, Develutionary, codaholics, (and codaholicsanonymous ) savethecoder, (the obvious, d’oh) softwaredeveloperscommunity, softwareslew, all have every op available but not for long! Oh but better jump on softminded! I have MANY more, but keeping em to myself, will let them go for the right “price” Mwahahaha! Most of these I came up with in one or two tries.

It’s true, by the time you decide they will be squatted, but i don’t hafta care I can come up with tons more, no biggie. decide quick!

Don’t you risk having a domain squatter go through and register all those domains you just listed?

How about "

“Give your app a name that’s easy to remember…And don’t sweat it if you can’t get the exact domain name you want.”

Also, if you have a great, memorable service that people want to recommend, they won’t mind that you don’t have the exact for it - most of the time, addresses are bookmarked, Twittered, e-mailed, etc. so it’s OK if the domain name is a little off. The main thing is to pick the name that’s right for your service, not by what’s available in a .com format. I don’t quite remember where I read that, but for some reason I’m thinking it was


I’m hoping these are either decoy ideas, or you’ve got some way of keeping the domain-names squatter free, because otherwise posting these in public is not a smart move.

That said, stackoverflow or privatevoid are both very cool names.

I prefer humbledevelopers to humbleprogrammers. I would imagine that this site would be more than simple “code help”.

I thought privatevoid and stackoverflow were best, suprised there wasn’t something like


Domain squatters should die a thousand painful deaths. ?

i prefer a more ambiguous non-meaning sort of names. something catchy… i think names like flickr, twitter etc, are very gimmicky, web2.0 if you will.

Where’s your PGP key so we can encrypt our responses to you so squatters can’t take them? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree! death to squatters!

Good call Jin! How 'bout that’s dirt easy! But mainly, this proves, you only THINK there are no names left! You just need flexibility, and “personal void” does indeed sound like we are taking a dump, but then again…

Well, if it’s about development, and not just GUI lipstick, then you need to talk about data, so:

is appropriate, and available a couple of minutes ago.

Looks like the most popular choice is already squatted and going for $1,188.

Too late, but sounded cool.