New Job at Vertigo Software

I accepted a position at Vertigo Software today.

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Looks top notch; congrats!

Wow. Congrats! I hate to see you leave Raleigh but this sounds like a great opportunity. Hope you’re able to stay active blogging!

Josh Carlisle

Congrats!! From the little I know about Vertigo, they’re a top-notch firm. Hope you keep blogging as actively as you do now… great posts and on my must-read list.

Will you be keeping your VB-bent, or will you (shhh!) be doing more C#?

Thanks guys. I do plan to keep blogging. I only mention this life-related event because A) it’s strongly work related and B) a number of my friends read the blog and it’s easier to let them know all at once.

And Leigh, yes, C# was a concern of theirs. Although I may have to switch to C# in the short term, over the long term I will subversively convert as many Vertigo developers as possible to the case-insensitive glory that is VB.NET :wink: I mean, come on, we have the Ain’t keyword. They can’t compete with that!

To be fair, most of the Vertigo guys/gals come from a C++ background, so it’s natural that they would adopt C#.

Congrats Jeff.

Congratulations and all the best on the new position.
It’s quite a big move - literally :wink:

Congratulations mate! Good to hear you’re going to keep blogging. Hope you switch to C# permanently heh :wink:

Although I may have to switch to C# in the short term…

Well, California does begin with C… :wink:

Do you use any code-assitants today like VisualAssist of CodeRush?

Congratulations, it couldn’t happen to a nicer or more deserving individual. Vertigo should consider themselves very fortunate to have you. Best of wishes!!

Congratulations Jeff. They’re lucky to be bringing in such a talented and experienced developer such as yourself. I’m sure you’ll continue to grow and excel even further with this new opportunity. It must be a tremendous effort moving the family across America like that. Good luck with everything!

Awesome news Jeff! If you need a stop along the route (aka. Denver) let me know - you have a place to stay!

Hey congrats Jeff! I think everybody should pack up and move coast to coast at least once in their lives. We’ll miss you in these parts! Keep in touch.

Welcome to the Bay Area … and nows the time to change your Blog to “Housing Horror” or “Traffic Horror”

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Congratulations on the move and the new job!

Ugh, those guys were responsible for the Pet shop code and IBuySpy? Well I can’t talk. I’ve written some pretty crappy code in my time. :slight_smile: The Quake2 port was impressive.

Again, thanks for the kind comments, everyone!

Scott: I haven’t looked closely at those two, but you’re not the only person to dis Pet Shop:

FWIW, I did relay this criticism to Scott Stanfield when I met with him.

A little late here, but congratulations! Hope you find the new job and the new location fun and stimulating.

Well done! I look forward to the Coding Horror managed version of Doom 3 :slight_smile:

Hey, we’re thrilled about Jeff coming on board! Ask him to blog how I woke him up at 6:30am to go get breakfast.

No comments on the VB.NET vs. C#. I can’t reveal my personal preference;

Oh, and the Petshop comments? Urg, I guess I need to start my own blog to answer a few questions.

Scott Stanfield, CEO
Vertigo Software, Inc.

hehehehe, I wouldn’t worry too much about the Pet shop comments. At least my comment. I understand that sometimes the fastest code isn’t always the prettiest or the most maintainable code. And I understand that code that has shipped is infinitely better than pretty code sitting on a developers hard drive. It was just unfortunate that the .NET framework didn’t allow both pretty and fast code to be written in the Pet shop case. Although there may have been other restrictions that we, the general opinion-having public, aren’t aware of.