Own a Coding Horror

A few people recently pointed out that my personal branding isn't everything that it could be. Joseph Cooney even took matters into his own hands.

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Might as well slap an “I’m Jeff’s Bitch” sticker on my forehead.

Any chance of getting the colour scheme inverted? As a concession to those of us with black-based wardrobes. I didn’t consciously know it, but I’ve wanted one of these shirts since the first time I read Code Complete a – oh my – a decade ago.

Phil, it’s not a celebration of me, it’s a celebration of professional programming-- developers who grok Steve McConnell. And you can get the grey shirt (or, now, the black shirt) if you don’t care for the URL on the back.

Scott, I am working on the black shirt. It’ll be in the store sometime soon. I like black too. NONE MORE BLACK!

What! No Coding Horror thong! Come on!

I await the tie-dyed version with the caption “clothing horror”.

Thanks Jeff… I guess I’m your bitch now… Any chance in you coming down to SoCal with Mr. Stansfield?

Ordered! Cool shirt. Totally too expensive but, WTF.

Versus being obsessed with… say… women’s bosoms? :wink: I’d say better.

Totally too expensive

Yeah, all the cafepress stuff is a little spendy, probably because they’re doing 95% of the work. I’m not sure why the black T-shirts are $5 more than the white ones, though… is there something about printing up black T-shirts that is fundamentally more expensive than white ones?

No Coding Horror thong

I ask myself, WWMcCD?*

* What Would McConnell Do?

I’ll wait for the image-theft-safe WTF version of the shirt :wink:

Well, Gabri and Jon, your wishes just came true… check the store… :wink:

Still working on Phil’s request.

Way cool shirts, Jeff.

“I’m not sure why the black T-shirts are $5 more than the white ones, though”

Because they are using a color inkjet printer and starting with white t-shirts. Takes more ink to print a black t-shirt than it does a white t-shirt.

for the same reason black macbooks are more expensive than white ones :slight_smile:

thanks for setting up the european alternative, ordering soon!

I wonder if these kinds of obsessions lead to better or worse programming skills and personal life.

McConnell has a totally pimp vest. That’s all I’m saying.

Next shirt
Front: WWMcCD

I would buy one

I just bought a black

I finally have a worthy successor for my ratty old Daring Fireball shirt. :slight_smile:

You may have noticed a large order in your order report; thanks to you and Steve, the CafePress engineering team will be sporting these on our monthly bug bash day.



(PS – Scott got it right: printing on black requires a lot more ink)