Server Fault: Calling All Lusers

It's pop quiz time! Put away your notes, and let's begin.

a) Do you own this book?*

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sed awk and grep are actually circa 1970 A.D.

Nice. I always thought “luser” was a bad word for “Linux User”. Must be reading to much Linux Hater Blog.

I learnt something today. Thanks.

We have those people. We call them “box jockeys.”

That is a really awful book cover. It should really be bound in black leather with gold embossed lettering and a relief pattern in extended ASCII.

Nice, I hope it will be as addictive as stackoverflow!

I always thought that LUEser referred to someone who posted on the infamous “Life, the Universe, and Everything” board on GameFAQs.

You should had added

Are you familiar with the common ID ten T problem?

Have any of your customer’s described a PICNIC situation?


My Captcha said:
“lessons Mr”

Sounds appropriate.

Great idea, I love StackOverflow. Although my idea of fixing pc’s is “push the reboot button”.

We do seem to have a lot of Layer 8 problems

…and I tend to use PEBKAC rather than PICNIC?

Congrats on getting ServerFault launched. I think it will become extremely valuable for us non admin types that need to fix or change some obscure settings to get things working.

Am I a bad programmer for not knowing how to use UNIX? I used it in about 3 classes at university but tried to stay clear as much as possible. :frowning:

The guy in the second pic looks like the Linus guy who invented Linux… no? Although I’m no sysadmin yet.


been waiting for this.

On another note, thanks for launching Serverfault, from another non sysadmin programmer. This site will definitely be very valuable for sorting out server stuff which has intimidated me until now. I hope it gets as popular as StackOverflow soon.

@carra: “Yeah, you… you do know how a button works don’t you? No, not on clothes!”

“Stackoverflow” for programmers.
“Serverfault” for admins.

What’s next, “Lensflare” for photographers?

@Robert - please, don’t start that horrible trend. It was awful on the DailyWTF where everyone repeated their captcha. Using words in Latin thankfully somewhat killed that stupid trend. Now there’s just “FIRST!” left.

@Bob the builder: hovering over the picture shows the URL , so I believe he’s not actually ‘the Linus guy who invented Linux’.

I answered no to all of them; does that make me inferior?

I think my UNIX System Administration is 2nd Ed. I got it in a college class in 1993 or 1994.