The Ideal Computer Desk

A few years ago, I did a bit of research on computer desks and decided on this AnthroCart model:

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Jeff… sell the anthrocart yet? I want it!!!

I’ve had the “D2 Pocket Desk” about a year and I’m still raving about it. It has three key things for me. 1) wheels, so I can move it around my house to follow (or hide from) the sun, 2) a compartment in back for hiding cords and things and 3) a full length slideout keyboard tray.
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I have a wifi desktop computer and a laptop (that uses an external monitor) on it and I actually have the laptop all my cords, and a UPS hidden in the compartment. I can unplug the “desk” from the wall and roll it around to a new spot without losing connectivity or power. And with everything hidden, it has a very clean look to it.

Dave K: if you’re willing to drive to zip code 94707 to pick it up, I can definitely sell it to you.

It disassembles nicely, but I’m not shipping it anywhere!

You might take a look at the BioMorph desk line ( Broad space, great for my multiple monitors, and with height adjustments (some of the desks are electric, haven’t tried those). The downside? Far, far, far away from $99. I do like the simplicity, the broad surface area.

i have a few jerkers. i love them. they are sturdy, durable and while not on-the-fly adjustable, they are rather adustable for differing height preferences.

Have you checked out Lian Li’s Desk?

It’s a bit pricey, but Lian Li is known for quality and attention to detail.

I am also a big fan of the unfortunately-named Jerker, which turned out a perfect desk for my wife. I have more gear, so I bought a sprawling Ikea Galant desk with A-frame adjustable legs. The angle and height adjustment with these is just great. Yeah, it’s huge, and eats up a good chunk of my living room. On the other hand my wife gets to have a small pipe (well, really vacuum tube) organ and a real harpsichord. Thank god for the architects who designed pre-war apartments in Brooklyn.

I need my legspace. I used a Walnut Folding Table:
29"H x 30"D x 96"W. $50 at office stores for over a decade. Wouldn’t want to put a 19" CRT in the middle, but it’s fine above the leg. Since my Dell Inspiron 9300, who neads a desk? Nothing beats my Palliser (a href=",",/a except maybe a Bradington-Young recliner (a href="" And if you get them in High Point, NC at a place like Furniturland South, Boyles, or Black’s Furnitur.

I want to know what desk can hold the following (safely)
a) 30" lcd
b) 21" crt
c) at least one printer/scanner combo
d) various books/keyboards/mice/etc

I’d be a bit wary putting all that on the Jerker.

I have to say, I swear by my Jerker. Had it since, I think, 1997 or so…

My brother has one with extra features and he loves it. I bought some for my kids and I have to say, small is not really how I would describe it. Large and simultaneously cramped comes to mind.

Of course, my desk is just an old office desk with the drawers removed and then I put IVAR shelves (also from IKEA) on the back of the shelves and down one side. A frankendesk of sorts (We’ll ignore the fact that the front 2 legs of the desk mysteriously levitate in the air but still feel pretty solid).

I’m not sure that I would absolutely recommend it for others, but it has allowed me an incredible degree of flexibily as I reorganize constantly.

As far as my idea computer desk? I have yet to find the perfect desk, but it would have to be modular so that I could add parts as I need/want them, and so I could rearrange them as the mood/need suited me.

Oh sweet mary is that an ugly desk! :slight_smile: I mean I need to much whiskey to get that image out of my brain.

In all my years at different desks the best setup for me is any desk that is L-shaped. If the vertex of the L is rounded so much the better but an L is a must. It makes multiple monitors so much easier than a straight desk and I can swivel to the right or left to sketch something out. I still do a lot of quick pseudocode or diagrams on paper so the work area is a must.

Actually my favorite desk was two 4-foot folding tables pushed together to create an L. Simple, cheap, easy to reconfigure and move. A few rolling organizers and you’re set.

I found any desk that has an organizational system top-side only becomes a disorganizationl system to shove things I don’t exactly want to deal with right then but are “too important” to put in a drawer or to file.

I’m using a shabby square table with not enough room for legs. I don’t recommend that.

I’ll second the remark on moving with the Jerker… it’s an exercise in frustration for the most part, although I do really like mine - and have moved twice with it!

The model Ikea currently carries is - IMHO - a poor cousin to the original, which has slide-out trays on either end (the front of the desk looks like half of a hexagon) and additional shelves that hang off the sides… For me, that was the major attraction - extra space when/if I need it and a good amount of workspace. I don’t think I’d classify the Jerker as small, though… :slight_smile:

I once had a Jerker, and even though it’s adjustable and comfortable, it’s a nightmare when you’re moving it (not to mention when you move it to another apartment, which I’ve had the doubtful pleasure of doing several times). These days I use an ordinary flat desk and never been happier.

Loved my Jerker desk since 2000. Oldschool Jerker in dark wood and black metal, the version with the 2 slide out trays. The good thing about the trays is that you can slide them out to create more desk space around you. There’s something oddly geeky satisfying having 2 monitors on the riser, a laptop on your left tray and a C++ bible on the right tray.

Though I’m a communication major these days, I was a compsci before I switched. People never realise this until they see the Jerker, filled out with computer gear as the center holy shrine of my room - two monitors, 2 cases, laptop, BW laserjet, colour inkjet, digicam, DVcam, etc etc. The damn thing holds every electronic item I own without a problem. Everything important in the room is reachable from my leather director’s chair at the Jerker, with the exception of my Nespresso machine (safety precaution: no apparatus that involves water near the computers).

I love this desk. It’s absolute hell to move. But I love this desk. My sis has the new style Jerker, light wood and grey metal. But it sucks. And it’s also absolute hell to move :slight_smile:

If you’ve got the cash, check out the Interactive Desk from Very customizable, and designed with computer hardware in mind, but not (forgive me) butt-ugly like most “computer desks” tend to be.

The best setup I’ve ever had is the current executive desk and matching credenza. The desk is is 6 ft wide and 3 ft deep. It’s perfect for multi-monitors (2 21" LCDs) along with my papers, books and junk when I’m not feeling organized and leave papers etc. on the desk. You can buy similar at Staples or Office Depot/Max, but it’s pressed wood and costs ~$200.

I lucked and bought my whole setup from Craigslist for $65, and it’s real wood (I know because I had to disassemble it to get into my office).

The Jerker looks pretty neat. Some of those layouts from the shrine page are too cramped for my taste though. Rob, it looks like the jerker will hold all of the things you require based on some of those pics!

My wife chose the HUSAR computer cupboard from IKEA, so its ‘WAF’ rates at 99% for me!

Everything shuts away nicely, and looks smart, but there is room inside for all my music gadgets as well as the PC and peripherals.