The Sporkfe

Why does the sporkfe fascinate me so?

It's a spoon. It's a fork. It's a knife. Some call it a splade-- sold commercially in Australia for the last 50 years under the Splayds brand name-- but I prefer sporkfe. Really, when was the last time you ate your food with a blade?

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And no, it shouldn’t be called the sporknif, either.

The Splade is an entirely different beast to the sporkfe. The splade combines the fork, spoon and knife into one end of the cutlery, as opposed to the double-ended sporkfe image above. And it is much much easier to pronounce.

A splade is like a spoon with tines and a semi-sharpened edge on one side. The above illustrated device seems very dangerous with the serration ready to rip your cheeks apart :slight_smile:

My mum has a full set of splades in her cutlery drawer. I have been looking for some but am not prepared to pay $40 for 8 simple pieces of metal.

So lets say you’re eating, I dunno, a Mexican Salad.

What happens if halfway through your meal you decide that the fork isn’t cutting it. You decide its time to switch to ‘spoon mode’ to try and get those last pieces of mince/ground beef. What happens next? You get all the remnant corn chips and sour cream from your fork all over you hands

Personally I think the splade is the way to…pure genius…one ends for putting in the mouth…the other for your hand. Simple.

  1. The fact that “sporkfe” is nearly impossible to pronounce isn’t a bug… it’s a feature!

  2. Are you honestly gonna decide to switch from fork to spoon mid-meal? Really? REALLY? C’mon. And at least the fork has full-size tines you wrap spaghetti around, not those dinky quarter-size tines of a traditional spork.

On the other hand, the idea that we’re actually arguing about which horrible, makeshift, 3-way eating implement is better than the other is freakin’ hilarious.

“horrible, makeshift, 3-way eating implement”

Gee, thanks…

We use splades at home all the time – great for curry and rice, pasta (the shells/tubes - not spaghetti), or any of those sort of things where there’s a semi-liquid component that’s difficult to use with a spoon, but you want to be able to pick up individual pieces of something with.

We typically only use them when eating while watching TV though.

fwiw – we don’t have the expensive “Splayd” brand – they look pretty fugly to me, they’re a different shape which emphasise the spoon over the blade component. Oh, and they’re stainless steel - not silver.

I don’t like the look of that. I’ll stick with my traditional spork thank you very much. The sporsk from Marks and Spencers are the best.

My wife and I got 2 boxes of Splayds as a wedding present. They’re easily the most useful things we received.

The most important question : Are they banned on transatlantic flights?

If you could take them on to replace airline cutlery, everyone would want one!

“2) Are you honestly gonna decide to switch from fork to spoon mid-meal? Really? REALLY? C’mon. And at least the fork has full-size tines you wrap spaghetti around, not those dinky quarter-size tines of a traditional spork.”

Well, fact is, I do. But to be honest, if you have to use a knife to cut it, you should have a separate knife, no? Otherwise, just cut it with the side of the implement and you’re done.

With that, I’m inclined to back off to the old stand-by spork and not worry about switching ends OR cutting my mouth.

Now all that remains to be invented is the addition of chopsticks into this mix. Sporkfetick anyone? Or perhaps Chosplayde?

This is a beautiful lesson about convergence: This tool replaces the knife, spoon and fork. But each individual piece is less useful/usable than the tool it replaced.

And besides, you’re meant to have a knife and fork separate from each other. The knife is not really useful without a fork to hold down and secure that which is being cut.

Yeah, you know, “sporkfe” is a definite no-go for a name. Very user-unfriendly. If you can’t pronounce it you can’t market it. It’s all about image, baby! Plus, I agree that you certainly don’t want anything with lots of small serrated edges going near your mouth. Not a solid design on many levels. So here’s a new combination: the sporkfe and the recycle bin, narf.

i got one of these to save some weight in my backpack when i go hiking.

This is the most useful and practical thing I’ve seen in a while. Just when I thought the Spork couldn’t be beat!

“splade” does not include the fork aspect, and you can’t say that its a combination of spork and blade when spork is itself a portmanteau. Plus, the official “splayd” is more fork than spoon. Therefore, despite the awkward pronunciation, Sporkfe is a far superior name for this ridiculous tool.

Also, wasn’t anybody taught that sticking a knife in your mouth is a bad thing?

I have 2 hands…

one for fork, one for knife. If I need a spoon, I put one of the others down.

its simple really, when you think about it.

Do a Google for “hobo fork”

So a “hobo fork” is a fold-out swiss army knife style contraption?

glen has it right, this is very useful for camping/backpacking.

Jack of all trades, master of none, though ofttimes better than master of one