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Choosing Your Own Adventure


Good luck, Jeff.


Good luck with your new adventure!


Congratulations and good luck! I’ve been in your role before and I know is hard, but keep the faith and hope in a better future!

Again, good luck!!!


I loved reading insight from somebody active in the industry who “works for the man”. Though, I don’t really think your topics or writing voice will change much because of this decision.

Best of luck! And you can count on me to stop by daily and click the shit outta your ads :slight_smile:


Good luck Jeff. Do stop by the office and play some more rockband whenever you get the chance! :slight_smile:


Congratulations!!! I hope all is well with your new life

Best regards from Santiago, Chile


Good luck and congratulations! Does this mean you’ll be writing more books and then telling us all not to buy them? :slight_smile:


Ditto to what everyone has said!

Keep Chargin’!


Way to go Jeff. No way I’d keep on working for a firm that put me in a banana suit :wink:

Seriously, there’s nothing that beats defining your own job and your own environment. Been self employed for 10 years and haven’t regretted it for a day.

Good luck and remind me to install a better ad-blocker :wink:


Good luck Jeff!


Best of luck Jeff, and if you need any help just ask :slight_smile:


Hey Jeff! Good luck! I started my own business almost four years ago, and I’ve been having a great time ever since. :slight_smile:



Good luck. Glad you are continuing to blog here. I enjoy reading your blog very much.


Good luck Jeff!

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Soren Kierkegaard (1813 - 1855)

so, just go for it and enjoy your ride! :wink:


Good Luck man! Ive recently subscribed to your because you gave some powerful insight, and I just want to wish you the best! Go have fun!


Hey Jeff, Long time reader, first time poster.

Good luck - I really hope everything works out for you. I’ve learned loads from your blog and I recommend it to everyone that I think will benefit from it.



It takes great courage to walk out of your confort zone and risk it all,i guess that’s the essence of “choose your adventure” books.I know you certainly do not lack the courage ,good luck to you .:slight_smile:


Thanks for the nice reminder of the Build Your Own Adventure books. They were a big part of my childhood.

I just recently discovered your blog and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Best of luck to you!


Hi Jeff, best wishes and good luck for your next adventure page :wink:


hi jeff,
good work, carry on1